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November 2019
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Opening Titles: The Happiest Hour
		Welcome Aboard
		Keep Smiling!

Models: Kathleen Bradley
	Chantel Dubay
	Janice Pennington

Bob: Door #2
Mic: Janice Pennington

1st Four: Cheri Robertson
	  Rose Briscoe
	  Angelena Wilson
	  Thomas Murphy

1 Worksman Cycles Team Dual Trike (C&K)($1044)
CHERI 675  ROSE 835  ANGELENA 1000  *THOMAS 1001

Thomas will take his girlfriend Mindy for a ride through St. Paul, Minnesota
on his new team dual trike and now he can win a Zyliss Carlo Giannini Rialto
Coffee and Tea Service (J) or a Mercury Tracer 4DR Notchback (J) playing

Car:            $1 3 2 _ 0 ($13,270)
Coffee/Tea Set:      5 _ 4 ($564)
Piggy Bank:          9.8 1 *LOSS*

Picks: 3, 5, 9, 8, 0, 4, 2, 1

Wilbert Oban 2 Little Miss Liberty of Beverly Hills Round Crib (J)($1078) *Cheri 999 Rose 1210 Angelena 850 WILBERT 750 Cheri plays EASY AS 1-2-3 for an IWI International Wrought Iron Flower Cart (J) a Flexsteel Sofa (K) and a Whirlpool Washer & Dryer (C) Cheri Actual Flower Cart: [1] [1] ($613) Sofa: [2] [3] ($1,581) Washer/Dryer: [3] [2] ($1,018) *LOSS*
Angela Graham 3 Ducane Gas Grills 2004SS Barbecue (J)($943) ANGELA 750 Rose 800 Angelena 825 *Wilbert 900 Wilbert will be the first contestant ever to have a whack at up to $16,000 playing the first new game of season 26, It’s In the Bag! The game has a simple concept: There are five paper grocery bags with a price on them that conceal a grocery product. If the contestant matches the correct grocery products on the cart with the price on the corresponding bag they win $16,000. At any time they can stop and keep what they’ve accumulated so far but if they continue and one of the grocery products is incorrectly matched with the price, they lose everything. The cash values are a neon celery green colour as opposed to the light blue we have today and the intro music is the same as was used for Forttune Hunter which would pop up two months later. PRODUCTS: Skippy Super Chunk Peanut Butter Surf Laundry Detergent with Colour Safe Bleach Heath Candy Bar Sunbeam Bread Oscal Calcium Supplement Nabisco 100% Bran Cereal WILBERT PRICE ACTUAL Candy Bar $0.55 Candy Bar Detergent $14.59 Supplement *LOSS* Supplement $5.60 Detergent Bread $1.49 Bread Cereal $3.31 Cereal
Showcase Showdown #1 $ 943.00 Wilbert 95 STAYS Through to the Showcases 1,053.81 Thomas 5 + 100 OVER 1,078.00 Cheri 85 + 35 OVER
Glen Cooper 4 IWI International Wrought Iron Wine Cart (C)($525) *Angela 450 Rose 675 Angelena 726 GLEN 725 Angela plays FREEZE FRAME for a Pair of Arcitc Cat Snowmobiles (Puma Deluxe & Cougar) (J) [75 50] 12 92 48 14 86 65 ARP: $8,648 *LOSS*
Beatrice Burt 5 Lloyd/Flanders Lounge Chairs w/ Supply of Geritol (J)($823) BEATRICE 550 Rose 650 Angelena 450 *Glen 651 Glen plays SECRET X for a Catalina Spas Spa w/ Mahogany Gazebo (C) ($7,595) Golfer’s Drink Dispenser and Cooler: $50 <<< $75 *RIGHT* Universal Remote: $7 >>> $10 *RIGHT* 2|?|1 2| |1 |?| -> | | F|?| F|X| *LOSS*
Beverly ????? 6 Cherry Wall Clock (K)($1248) Beatrice 675 Rose 695 *Angelena 751 BEVERLY 750 Angelena escapes at the last moment. Can she be the one to save the show? If she does, she will win a Ford Taurus G (J) if she plays ONE AWAY correctly. $27,754 becomes $18,645 Ladies, how many numbers does she have right? HONK! HONK! HONK! HONK!...HONK! *ANGELENA SAVES THE SHOW!!!*
Showcase Showdown #2 $ 525 Angela 75 STAYS 883 Glen 80 STAYS Through to the Showcases 19,893 Angelena 50 + 60 OVER
Showcases Top Winner: Wilbert Runner Up: Glen SC1 - Wilbert BID $25,500 "Little Known Politicians" ARP 29,535 The Movie Book Selection of 43 Horror Movies (J) DIF 4,035 Trip to Norway (6N@Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel Oslo) TTL $30,478 Regal 2100 21’ Sport Boat (C) SC2 - Glen BID $13,600 "Prizes Found in the Ala Moana Shopping Centre" ARP 24,720 Trip to Honolulu (6N@ Outrigger Reef on the Beach at Waikiki) (C) DIF 11,120 Oak Dinette Group (J&K) Universal Gym Equipment Track Treadmill (J&K) Young Chang Regal Professional Grand Piano (J&K)
Games Won: 1 for 6 Total Won: $54,853.81

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