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Opening Spiel: Hour Power

Darren Rogers…Come on Down!!
Kathleen Escuada…Come on Down!!
Gracie Watson…Come on Down!!
Brenda Middleman…Come on Down!!

IUFB #1: Sailboat (H)


Darren: $895
Kathleen: $750
Gracie: $900
Brenda: $905*

ARP: $995

Brenda is playing Danger Price for a Schrader Wood Burning Stove (J), Bozof Dinette Set (J), Pearl Grandfather Clock (D), and Brother Sewing Machine (D).

The Danger Price is $495.

Picks Clock first which is $999.
Picks Dinette Set next which is $695.
Picks Stove last which is $569.
The Sewing Machine was $495.

Brenda wins.

Laurie Batarf(?)…Come on Down!!

IUFB #2: Music Box (H)


Laurie: $1250
Darren: $790
Kathleen: $1200
Gracie: $600*

ARP: $695

Gracie is playing Hole-in-One for a Pontiac Safari Lemans Wagon (D) worth $9,046.

The products:

Wagner Breakfast Drink
Nestle Souptime
Chloraseptic Lozenges
Macaroni and Cheddar
Leggs Knee High Bands
Brite Floor Cleaner

Gracie’s order:

Soup (.73)
Lozenges ($1.53)
Macaroni (.35) (Putts from 3rd line)
Knee Highs

Bob misses his inspiration putt.

Gracie misses hers.


Pickens Rogers Jr…Come on Down!!

IUFB #3: White-Westinghouse Refrigerator (J) (brought out by the train)


Pickens: $675*
Laurie: $450
Darren: $750
Kathleen: $650

ARP: $700

Pickens is playing Clock Game for a Console/Mirror and George B. Bent Bar Set (D)

The price of mirror is $678. Pickens got it with 9 secs. left

Pickens 1st guess was $800. Bob said lower and bid “$850”. He later bid $675. Bob said higher and then “$680”. Bob said lower and Pickens wasted 8 seconds trying to figure out what’s between $675 and $680.

The price of Bar set is $975.

Time ran out when Pickens bid $971.

Pickens wins just the console/mirror.

SCSD #1:

Gracie ($695)-.15+.20=.35
Pickens ($1,378)-.70 and stays (Goes to showcase)
Brenda ($3,753)-.05+.40=.45

Beniqua Dolan…Come on Down!!

IUFB #4: Wesley Allen Brass Coat Rack (D)


Beniqua: $275
Laurie: $500
Darren: $550
Kathleen: $300


Beniqua: $175
Laurie: $180
Darren: $210*
Kathleen: $169

ARP: $265

Darren plays Squeeze Play for a Muntz Projection TV (H)

The setup is 13915

Darren removes the 3.

Thinks price is $1,915

The price is $1,395.

Another Loss.

Janel Hale…Come on Down!!

IUFB #5: Panasonic Microwave Oven (D)


Janel: $475
Kathleen: $575*
Beniqua: $400
Laurie: $425

ARP: $700

Kathleen is the very first player in Superball and she plays for a prize package including an Oriental Screen (J), a Trip to Scotland (H), and an Electric Car (D) worth $9,930.

Ball #1: Sarah Coventry Jewelry (J)
Choices: $85 or $58
Chooses $58 and is RIGHT!!!

Ball #2: Dazey Hair Dryer (H)
Choices: $66 or $40
Chooses $40 and is Wrong!!

Ball #3: Essex Electric Comforter (D)
Choices: $150 or $110
Chooses $110 and is RIGHT!!

Bob’s 1st practice ball went in $50.

His 2nd went in the middle WIN hole.

Kathleen rolls Ball #1 in $50.

Ball #3 goes in $100.

Superball: Hoover Decade 80 Vacuum (J)
Choices: $150 or $108
Chooses $108 and is Wrong!!

Kathleen wins $150.

Delora Roadie(?)…Come on Down!!

IUFB #6: Maxwell Royal Chair and Ottoman (H)


Delora: $600
Beniqua: $550
Laurie: $700
Janel: $651*

ARP: $651 (Whaaat?)

Janel wins $100 and is playing Money Game for a Mazda GLC Hatchback (D).

The setup:

30 13 45
62 04 59
57 98 81

Chooses 45 first, other side of the car.
Chooses 57 next, front side of the car.

$5,745 is the price.

Janel owns a car.

SCSD #2:

Darren ($265)-.35+.80=OVER
Kathleen ($1,018)-.70 and stays.
Janel ($6,496)-.30+.55=.85 (Goes to showcase)


Top Winner: Janel
Runner-Up: Pickens

Showcase #1: Every Room in the House

Waterbed (J)
Oak Buffet (H)
Speed Queen Washer/Dryer (D)
Lowrey Organ (H)

Janel passes to Pickens who bids $4,900.

Showcase #2: TPIR Celebrity Auction

Johnny is the auctioneer. JD&H are the bidders. The girls are bidding on a makeup case (not one of the prizes) owned by a late great star named “Vida Barracuda”. The prizes involved are the models bids. The one with the best “bid” owns the case and the contents that are contained.

Bell and Howell Film Projector and Camera (J)
Universal Portable Phone (D)
Honda Motorcycle (H)

Holly wins the case and inside it contains a key to the last prize….

Roadster (JD&H)

Janel bids $13,995.

The results:

ARP: $6,743
Bid: $4,900
Difference: $1,843

ARP: $11,704
Bid: $13,995
Difference: OVER

Pickens wins $8,121 in prizes.

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