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The Price is Right Episode Guide is an attempt to provide recaps for every episode of The Price is Right that has ever aired…8,823 daytime episodes (and counting).

It is a project that is both epic and foolhardy in scale. Realistically, maybe 2/3 of the episodes “exist” in the wild; even then, that estimate might be slightly generous. While it is (nearly) impossible to obtain every episode in recap form, as comprehensive a listing (in one place) is the goal.

For the time being, the focus will be on daytime episodes (and primtime specials), starting from September 4th, 1972. Even with the retirement of Bob Barker in 2007, episodes hosted by Drew Carey (and beyond) will be included.

Major contributions were made possible by: Steve Guillemette (Seasons 29 through 31), Joe Capitano (Seasons 32 through 35), Jeremy Soria, Corey Law & Adam Bourre.

This compilation would not be possible without the following people having written recaps for either the Usenet group alt.tv.game-shows, specifically for this site or elsewhere:
Chris Anderson, Brian Lesko, James Vipond, John Isles IV, Richie Kennedy, Nick Johnson, Ryan Mihalus, Mike Klauss, Brian Hamburg, Frank Maggiore, Joe Capitano, Daniel Benfield, Brian Rathjen, Dan Crosby, Jamie DeVriend, Troy Diggs & James Bibbs-Hatten.

These folks wrote recaps for the site golden-road.net:
jimlange, OldPrice75, plinkowin2010, plinko2000, Hades1981, edmojautis, umbchockeypa08, actual_retail_tice, TheBigE, JasonA1, BigJ, Jordanar18, pathfinder2119, 3StrikesFan, supersaver87, Nickrj, garffreak, Sonic3300, Gatorman, kassilynn, Scott Robinson, TPIRaholic & goodboy16.

These folks have been generous enough to upload episodes to Youtube, Veoh, etc:
Daniel Benfield, Michael Tiller, thewhammy83, temptation1979ga1, HYHYBT, rrunner81sg, DownsA530, WarioBarker88, tallguytommy, Raarrow, retrogameshows.com, cool245flashmail, VideoSurferClassic, 7277Genius, TheMultiKingWorld, TVLubber, gamelover1949, Chelsea Thrasher, tvgameshowvault.com, ngg56, Digifangsn, sadler76, catnap1972, SJSharkWannabe, VintageTelevision, RNT RetroNauseaTV, Janfanforever, Thomas Hirzel, Adam Lopez, Nancy Young, Carrington Price, vcrcooking, Adam Curry, Steve Sadler Jr., Denise Shafer, Burt P, Bryan Burkhardt, “Channel 6”, Mark Simonian, Renee Wilson, “pannoni 8”, Museum of Television Production Music, Barbie G, 8-Ball Studios, puttputtking, Beverly Propst, Niza Pace, Rodney Ramos, Andy Saunders & Imad Khuri.