Game$how Backgrounds

To usethese backgrounds, just click on the link. You can then right-click onthe image and save it to your harddriveor select "Set As Background". My only request is that you NOT hot linkany of these images.

These wide screen backgrounds are based on the newest
(37th season) set design of The Price is Right
Blue Door
Green Door
Orange Door

The colorful curtains from (The All New) Let's Make a Deal
(all are wide screen format)
Curtain #1     Curtain #2     Curtain #3

With a new era of The Price is Right being ushered in, here are somebackgrounds
that resemble the doors/turntable on the new PiR set

Wide Screen or Standard
Wide Screen or Standard
Wide Screen or Standard
Wide Screen or Standard
ClamshellDesignwith Dollar Sign
Wide Screen or Standard

Clamshell Design without Dollar Sign
Wide Screen or Standard

An "oldschool" backgroundfeaturing nearly 20 game show logos

A recreation of the Price logo insidethe light border

The Price is Right 35th Aniversary Logo

The Price is Right Salutes...

The US Army
The US Navy
Firefighters & Police
The US Air Force
The US Coast Guard
The US Marine Corps