Size: 19.1Kb Info: 11Khz, 8b, M, 1.8s FileName: po10-h2hlockin Source: Jay Lewis
Description: This bleeps are heard when the head-to-head players lock in their answers
Size: 7.2Kb Info: 11Khz, 8b, M, 0.7s FileName: po10-h2hstop Source: Jay Lewis
Description:  A "thunk" is heard when the head-to-head indicator stops
Size: 34.6Kb Info: 11Khz, 8b, M, 3.2s FileName: po10-indicator Source: Jay Lewis
Description: A "clunk" and a rising tone is used as the actual precentage indicator moves up the scale
Size: 8.2Kb Info: 11Khz, 8b, M, 0.8s FileName: po10-lockedin Source: Jay Lewis
Description: Another clunk, this time when the solo player locks their range in
Size: 21.4Kb Info: 11Khz, 8b, M, 2s FileName: po10-timer Source: Jay Lewis
Description: The tick-tock used as the timer counts down