Size: 13.7Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 1.3s FileName: pyl-bounce Source: Curt King
Description: The whammy pop-up sound
Size: 6.6Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 0.6s FileName: pyl-buzz-in Source: Kris Lane
Description: A player buzzing in to answer a question
Size: 317Kb Info: 44KHz, 16b, S, 1.8s FileName: pyl-whammy Source: Patchy
Description: This sound is played just before the whammy animation plays
Size: 23.3Kb Info: 22KHz, 8b, M, 1.1s FileName: pyl-passpin Source: Casey Buck
Description: Passing your spins 'ding'
Size: 15.6Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 1.4s FileName: pyl-buzzer Source: David Frangioso
Description: A buzzer means time has run out on ringing in on a question
Size: 10.8Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 1s FileName: pyl-woosh Source: Daniel Plewa
Description: This swoosh is heard during the opening of the show
Size: 50.9Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 4.7s FileName: pylbord1 Source: Rhinoboy2
Description: The first version of the sound heard when the lights 'bounced' from one square to another
Size: 330Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 30.7s FileName: pylbord2 Source: Rhinoboy2
Description: The second version of the 'light bounce' sound*
Size: 333Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 31s FileName:  pylbord3 Source: Rhinoboy2
Description: The final version of the 'light bounce' sound*
Size: 86.1Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 8s FileName: pyl-homespin Source: David Frangioso
Description: An alarm/siren would sound if it was time for the Home Player Spin
Size: 96.7Kb Info: 32KHz, 16b, S, 0.8s FileName: pyl-homespin Source: Eric Mokracek
A generic ding heard when spins were added in

*The "hiccup" present in these effects are natural to the effect, per independent verification