Size: 106Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 9.9s FileName: w2k-creature Source: Jay Lewis
Description: If a player lands on "The Creature" (aka Bankrupt), the creature takes their points
Size: 8.9Kb Info: 22KHz, 8b, M, 0.4s FileName: w2k-doubup Source: Jay Lewis
Description: The effect heard if a player answers the "Double Up" question correctly
Size: 27.6Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 2.6s FileName: w2k-puzzle Source: Jay Lewis
Description: A "woosh"ing noise reveals the puzzle in the topic the player chose
Size: 119Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 11.1s FileName: w2k-think Source: Jay Lewis
Description: A standard "Tick-Tock" followed by a very loud buzzer for the bonus round timer
Size: 22.7Kb Info: 22KHz, 8b, M, 1.1s FileName: w2k-website Source: Jay Lewis
Description: This sound denotes landing on the space marked "WWW.WHEEL2000.COM"
Size: 58.6Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 5.4s FileName: w2k-bonuswin Source: Jay Lewis
Description: Sirens and bells indicate the player won the bonus puzzle
Size: 3.8Kb Info: 22KHz, 8b, M, 0.2s FileName: w2k-inbonus Source: Jay Lewis
Description: A soft "beep" lets you know a letter is in the bonus puzzle
Size: 42.9Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 4s FileName: w2k-loser Source: Jay Lewis
Description: If you land on the "Loser" space, this is what you hear
Size: 17.3Kb Info: 22KHz, 8b, M, 0.8s FileName: w2k-notinpuzz Source: Jay Lewis
Description: If a letter isn't in the puzzle, you get 'buzzed'
Size: 26.5Kb Info: 22KHz, 8b, M, 1.2s FileName: w2k-prize Source: Jay Lewis
Description: Landing on the "Prize" space gets this sound
Size: 30.2Kb Info: 22KHz, 8b, M, 1.4s FileName: w2k-stunt Source: Jay Lewis
Description: If a player lands on one of the 3 "Stunt/250" spaces, you hear this
Size: 45.7Kb Info: 22KHz, 8b, M, 2.1s FileName: w2k-topvalue Source: Jay Lewis
Description: If the contestant lands on the top point value for that round, they're greetd with dings
Size: 23.8Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 2.2s FileName: w2k-cats Source: Rhinoboy2
Description: 3 whooshes heard when the three categories appear for the player to choose from
Size: 42.5Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 3.9s FileName: w2k-doubleup Source: Rhinoboy2
Description: A series of warbles is heard when a player lands on the Double Up space
Size: 50.5Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 4.7s FileName: w2k-solve Source: Rhinoboy2
Description: When a player solves a puzzle, it sounds a little like a slot machine paying off
Size: 6.6Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 0.6s FileName: w2k-timer Source: Rhinoboy2
Description: This funny "zip" is heard when the timer is set for the physical challenge
Size: 9.4Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 0.9s FileName: w2k-timesup Source: Rhinoboy2
Description: This buzzer is used when the time to complete the physical challenge is up
Size: 30.3Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 2.8s FileName: w2k-vowels Source: Rhinoboy2
Description: When only vowels are left in the puzzle, you would hear this series of "dits"
Size: 23.1Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 2.1s FileName: w2k-whistle Source: Rhinoboy2
Description: A steam shistle signifies time is running short and it's time for the final spin