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May 2024




Q. I/a relative/my friend was on the show. Can you provide me with a copy of my episode?
A. Sorry, no. The recaps on this site are from various sources on the internet and not necessarily in any of our personal collections.

Q. Are you going to add the syndicated (James, Barker, Kennedy, Davidson) episodes?
A. No. These episodes all aired on different dates all around the county. It would be impossible to assign them anything other than an arbitrary air date.

Q. You used one of my recaps without giving me credit. What gives?
A. Sorry about that. Let us know which recap(s) you did and credit will be given.

Q. How can I submit a recap?
A. It’s as easy as writing one (We suggest looking at a few and get an idea of what one should look like) and sending it to me via email. The easiest way to write one is by using a text editor, like Windows Notepad.

Q. Why do some recaps look different from other ones?
A. It would be far too time consuming to make every recap look identical. This merely reflects the different ways people do their recaps and demonstrates the fact that this project could only be done by a “community” of people.

Q. Why a “blog?”
A. While other solutions might be more elegant, this one seemed the most practical. WordPress offers a search function, calendar, the ability to change the look of the entire archive “on the fly” and the flexibility required to predate entries over a nearly 40 year period.

Q. Have you looked through Google Groups for old recaps?
A. Sure have. Unfortunately, before 1997, not much apparently exists in the Google Groups archive of Usenet. This seems limited to atg-s as other groups indeed have posts from eariler in the decade.

Q. What is that odd combination of letters and numbers at the top of each recap?
A. That is the production number. The first 3 digits refer to the number of weeks of new shows. The 4th digit refers to the day of the week (1 is Monday, 2 is Tuesday…). The letter at the end is either D for ‘daytime’ or K for ‘thousand’ (when the weeks rolled over 1,000). For example, Episode #4502K refers to a Tuesday episode in the 1,450th week of shows.

Special Episodes do not follow this exact nomenclature. When a production number isn’t available, the date is included as the title.

Q. Would you please add a recap of the June 25th, 1996 episode?
A. We would…if we had it. It wouldn’t make any sense to have a recap on file and not have it already in the database. If it isn’t here, we don’t have it in the first place.