elcome to the only website on the net dedicated to the hilarious Canadian TV sketch comedy series, 4 on the Floor.

Based on their CBC radio show The Frantic Times, The Frantics (Paul Chato, Rick Green, Dan Redican and Peter Wildman) offered up some funny (and sometimes bizarre) sketches and takes on every day events, like what really happens when you put your money into an ATM.

Many of the characters from their radio show made the transition to the TV show and a few were created especially for the show.

Only 13 episodes of the iconic series were produced in 1986, making 2011 the 25th Anniversary year of the cult classic.

See, 1986, not 1985 as other sites suggest

This site will focus solely on the TV series 4 on the Floor and not the other aspects of the career of The Frantics or the individual careers of the performers. There are other sites that have covered these aspects in much better detail than I could. Besides, I'm pretty sure Dan Redican would like to forget Mosquito Lake.

Unfortuantely, 4 on the Floor is not currently on the air. For a brief period in early 2006 (mid-April to May 31st) the Canadian channel Prime (now called TVtropolis) were showing old episodes. At least one was edited for content...I'm not entirely sure why though.

So why do a website about an old show few people remember? For exactly that reason...to make sure people don't forget. (Right about here, you should start humming the Battle Hymn of The Republic) 90% of the TV shows ever made have some sort of fan site immortalizing someone's favorite show. Not only are Canadian shows severly under-represented but it's my opinion that this show deserves some sort of permanent tribute.

I don't expect this site to breed new interest in the show, nor do I think it will draw new fans. It exists to keep a great TV series from fading into obscurity.

You can stop humming now. Really. People are looking at you funny. Don't look over at them! Just act nonchalantly and go about your business as usual.

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