Video Clips

It's the infamous Showcase with an Echo Echo Echo from TNPiR94 4 4 (WMV, 2.76Mb)

Bob was interviewed for a Quebecoise talk show which showed Yolanda Bowersly uncensored. Then the host asked Bob a rather risque question. (WMV, 1.16Mb)

On April 1st, 1999, The Price is Right featured a showcase with a LOT of cars (WMV, 4:08, 3.74Mb)

Not seen in the US airing, here is the full credit roll from the 50 Years on TV salute to Bob Barker. (WMV, 1:24, 4.88Mb)

GSN had a morning block of game shows and "morning show" segments hosted by Laura Chambers and Steve Day. On this particular day in 1995, they had Jack Narz as a guest. Enjoy Jack's 1st segment, despite the lousy sound. (WMV, 6:32, 5.5Mb)

From broadcast, the finale of the March 7th, 2008 Million Dollar Spectacular with full credit roll (WMV, 2:16, 4.85Mb)