Size: 9.6Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 1.1s FileName: sotc-buzzin Source: Rhinoboy2
Description: The ring-in effect
Size: 19.5Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 1.8s FileName: sotc-endtime Source: Rhinoboy2
Description: A car-horn signifies the end of time
Size: 12.2Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 0.9s FileName: sotc-right Source: Rhinoboy2
Description: A simple bell is used when money is added to a player's score
Size: 17.7Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 1.6s FileName: sotc-joker Source: Brendan Richards
Description: In the Cash Card round, if a player found the Joker, they would hear this old-timey car horn
Size: 53.5Kb Info: 11KHz, 8b, M, 5s FileName: sotc-timpani Source: Brendan Richards
Description: A portion of the 10 second "thinking time" timpani drum-roll