Welcome to the place to find sound effects heard on gameshows from around the world.

Keep a few things in mind:

  1. To access the clips, click on the country you want, then the show's logo
  2. All clips are in WAV format
  3. Some effects are NOT clean.(there may be noise that partially obscures the sound effect)
  4. The sound quality might be "sub par". I've tried to do as good a sampling job as possible. Steps have been taken to improve the quality
  5. Some clips are pieced together from 3-4 different sources to make one complete sound effect
  6. Don't ask me to add effects from particular shows. If I had 'em, they would already be here
  7. All clips are provided for your personal/non-profit use
  8. All clips, logos and show titles are copyrighted by their respective companies
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Updated November 15th

Explanation of the Effect Tables
Size: in Kilobytes Info: sampling rate, # of bits, mono (M) or stereo (S), length in seconds FileName: the name of the file Source: the person who provided the sound
Description: what the sound is and/or what it's used for
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