Size: 76.2Kb Info: 11Khz, 8b, M, 7.1s FileName: dd70-5secs Source: Rhinoboy2
Description: This countdown timer is heard when a player gets 5 seconds to read a clue
Size: 12.8Kb Info: 11Khz, 8b, M, 1.2s FileName: dd70-bonuslose Source: Rhinoboy2
Description: If all the spoilers get the answer to the question, this buzzer is heard
Size: 8.9Kb Info: 11Khz, 8b, M, 0.8s FileName: dd70-buzzer Source: Rhinoboy2
Description: A generic buzzer is used if a player takes too much time to answer a riddle
Size: 16.4Kb Info: 11Khz, 8b, M, 1.5s FileName: dd70-buzzin Source: Rhinoboy2
Description: A trilling "toy drum" is heard when a player buzzes in
Size: 16Kb Info: 11Khz, 8b, M, 1.5s FileName: dd70-openboard Source: Rhinoboy2
Description: When the board (or booth) is opened, you hear this "wubba" effect
Size: 5.4Kb Info: 11Khz, 8b, M, 0.5s FileName: dd76-spoilerwrong Source: David Frangioso
Description: A quick "beep beep" meant the answer given for the spoiler is wrong