Size: 4.1Kb Info: 11Khz, 8b, M, 0.4s FileName: dftl-3lines Source: Jay Lewis
Description: When Wayne reads off the choices for the "3 Lines" back-up, they are accompanied by a short "air burst"
Size: 10.4Kb Info: 11Khz, 8b, M, 1s FileName: dftl-backups Source: Jay Lewis
Description: 3 wooshes are heard as the back-ups are introduced
Size: 12.7Kb Info: 11Khz, 8b, M, 1.2s FileName: dftl-cats Source: Jay Lewis
Description: A woosh and tinkling is used when the 9 categories are displayed
Size: 4.7Kb Info: 11Khz, 8b, M, 0.4s FileName: dftl-chyron Source: Jay Lewis
Description: This woosh accompanies on-screen chyrons
Size: 20.3Kb Info: 11Khz, 8b, M, 1.9s FileName: dftl-right Source: Jay Lewis
Description: A timpani roll and an "escalating chord" are heard as the correct lyrics are revealed
Size: 23.8Kb Info: 11Khz, 8b, M, 2.2s FileName: dftl-rightword Source: Jay Lewis
Description: Correct lyrics are accompanied by a "chord hit" (usually following the timpani roll)
Size: 12Kb Info: 11Khz, 8b, M, 1.1s FileName: dftl-songs Source: Jay Lewis
Description: More wooshing. Thsi time when the two songs in the category are revealed
Size: 10.5Kb Info: 11Khz, 8b, M, 1s FileName: dftl-lockin Source: Jay Lewis
Description: Drum beats are heard when a contestant locks in their lyrics
Size: 36Kb Info: 11Khz, 8b, M, 3.3s FileName: dftl-wrongword Source: DF Williams
Description: If one of the lyrics provided is incorrect,  you get this effect
Size: 28Kb Info: 11Khz, 8b, M, 2.4s FileName: dftl-moneyladder Source: DF Williams
Description: When Wayne mentions the money tree at the start of the game, you hear this happy, quiet, upscaling vibraphone
Size: 65Kb Info: 22Khz, 8b, M, 3s FileName: dftlsyn-right Source: Ryan K
Description: A right answer earns this guitar riff
Size: 28.6Kb Info: 22Khz, 8b, M, 1.3s FileName: dftlsyn-rvlans Source: Ryan K
Description: If the answer given is wrong, this is used to reveal the correct lyric
Size: 47.6Kb Info: 22Khz, 8b, M, 2.2s FileName: dftlsyn-wrong Source: Ryan K
Description: The answer is revealed to be incorrect
Size: 43.1Kb Info: 22Khz, 8b, M, 2s FileName: dftlsyn-lockin Source: Ryan K
Description: Some drun hits are used when a contrestant locks in their lyrics