Welcome. You've found the place to get fonts from 'The Price is Right.'

I want to mention that this site talks about "fonts used" for the games. In some cases, it's not the font used, but a font based upon signage. For instance, I'm pretty sure a font-set for the giant lettering in the "That's Too Much!" game doesn't exist, but that didn't stop someone from creating one based on  the letters in that sign. (This also goes for electronic displays, like the eggcrate readouts).

Also, there are some "variances" in these pages that I'm aware of. In some cases, a "pay font" has been substited for its free, and identical, cousin (Antique Oil vs Antique Olive or Eurostyle vs Eurostile).

Use these at your own risk. No warranty is implied or offered. If your computer blows up after installing any of these fonts it's your problem, not mine.


9/14/20 - Side by Side
# - B
1/2 Off
2 for the Price of 1
2-Player Bullseye
3 Strikes
5 Price Tags
10 Chances
Add 'Em Up
Any Number
Balance Game
Balance Game (06)
Barker's Bargain Bar/Bargain Game
Barker's Markers/Make Your Mark
Bonus Game
Bullseye I
Buy Or Sell

C - G
Card Game
Check Game
Clearance Sale
Clock Game
Coming or Going
Cover Up
Credit Card
Danger Price
Dice Game
Do The Math
Double Cross
Double Digits
Double Prices
Easy as 1-2-3
Finish Line
Flip Flop
Fortune Hunter
Freeze Frame
Gallery Game
Gas Money
Give Or Keep
Golden Road
Grand Game
Grocery Game
H -N
Hit Me
Hole in One
Hot Seat
It's In The Bag
It's Optional
Let' Em Roll
Line Em Up
Lucky Seven
Magic #
Make Your Move
Master Key
Money Game
More or Less
Most Expensive
Mystery Price
Now...or Then 

O - P
On the Nose
On the Spot
One Away
One Right Price
One Wrong Price
Pass the Buck
Pay the Rent
Penny Ante
Pick A Pair
Phone Home Game
Pocket Change
Poker Game
Professor Price
Punch A Bunch
Push Over
R - S
Race Game
Range Game
Rat Race
Safe Crackers
Secret X
Shell Game
Shopping Spree
Shower Game
Side by Side
Spelling Bee
Split Decision
Squeeze Play
Stack The Deck
Step Up
Super Ball
Super Saver
Swap Meet

T - Z
Take Two
Telephone Game
That's Too Much!
Time is Money
Trader Bob
Triple Play
Walk of Fame

Ticket Plug
Electronic Displays
On-Screen Graphics
Opening Titles
TNPiR94 Showcase

Thanks go out to the following:
DaFont.com, Doug Morris, Scott Robinson, David Frangioso, Jon Wood, Travis Schario, Ryan Mihalus, Jeff Davis, Aaron Kornaus, Casey Buck, tpir.tv, Jason Huhn, Geoffrey Ludwig, Matthew Graczyk, James Vipond, Ryan Rinkerman, Seung Kim, Darren Ribgy, Game Show Favorites, Jeff Pfeifer, Ian Shattuck, Dan Berger, Tyler, Bryce Lozier, James Black, Cody Lewis & Zach M