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Shows That Never Were

This section is for shows, movies or other media that had a fictious gameshow as part of the show/movie/media but wasn't based on any *ONE* gameshow in particular or any gameshow *AT ALL*

     **Paper in the Bin

30 Rock
     **Gold Case

A Bit of Lry and Laurie (FOR)
     **Don't Be Dirty!

Adventures in Wonderland
     **Name That Adverb

Alexei Sayle's Stuff (FOR)
     **Up The Chimney

All That
     **You Can't Win
     **The Best Friends Game Show

Almost Live (GEO)
     **True or False?
     **Who Shot JFK This Week?
     **What Dale Ellis Did Wrong This Week
     **The Drain Game
     **Have I got a Migrane!
     **Pike or Pine?
     **What the Hell have I done wrong now?
     **Gargling for Dollars
     **What's Most Likely?
     **Guess What I Stuffed Down My Pants
     **Bill Gates for a Day
     **1950s Dad

Alvin and The Chipmunks(CAR)
     **Pile of Trivia
America's Funniest People
     **You Dunk Your Parents

The Andy Griffith Show
     **Win or Lose

Animaniacs (CAR)
     **Quiz Me Quick
     **Win Big

Archie's TV Funnies (CAR)
     ** The Reggie Game

Barney and Friends
     **Spin The Wheel

Beakman's World
      **What's 4 Lunch?
The Bette Show
     **Throw The Ball

Between the Lions
     **Not As Smart As A Puck

The Big Comfy Couch
     **Pick Your Prize

Bill Nye the Science Guy
     **The Tilted Planet Game
     **Insect Stages

Bizarro (CAR)
     **The System (MEN)
     **You Bet Your Life

Blue Collar TV
     **Who's The Fool?

Bobby's World (CAR)(MEN)
     **Elementary School Feud

Brought to you by the number 1 (BOK)
     **The Number 1 Show

Bugs Bunny (CAR)
     **Million Box

Burke's Law

Byker Grove (FOR)
     **Ritual Humiliation

Cagney & Lacey
     **Lucks & Bucks

Calliou (COM)(CAR)
     **What Did You Do Today?

Candid Camera
     **Billion Dollar Answer

Captain Kangaroo
     **The Baking Game

The Care Bears (CAR)
     **The Fabulous Care Bears Safety Game

Carol Burnett & Friends
     **Up Your Income

CBC Kids Get Set for Life
     **What's That Sound?

Cedric the Entertainer presents...
     **Taste Buds!

Celebrity Deathmatch
     **The Deathmatch Game Show

Champagne for Caesar (MOV)
     **Masquerade for Money

Clean Sweep
     **Keep That Cow

Comic Books
     **(The Adventures of) Superman #346 - The Money Game
     **Quantum Leap #4 - The $50,000 Quest
     **Under One Roof - The Game Show (FOR)
     **Woody Woodpecker - Mind Over Money

     **Colonial Penn - Winners Spotlight
     **Volkswagen - The Big Plateau
     **Old Navy - Just Say The Answer
     **Mississippi Tourism Board - True Vacation
     **Pepsi 'Stuff' 1997 Catalogue - Generic gameshow
     **The (Canadian) National Institute for Nutrition - Label Smart
     **Mushrooms - The Big Board
     **Huggies Diapers - The Diaper Game
     **Association of Canadian Distillers&Canadian Safety Council - No name
     **Global Television - Whose Line Was That? (GEO)
     **Milk Energy - ??????????
     **Toys "R" Us - ??????????
     **YTVs 'The Zone' - Name That Voice from The Zone
     **Austin Mini - Grin and Bare It! (FOR)
     **Great Clips - Name That Price
     **Washington State Lottery - Lucky for Life (GEO)
     **Buck-A-Call - Buck-A-Call Challenge
     **Red Lobster - Are You A Lobster Lover? (GEO)(RAD)
     **Cheetos - Quiz O Rama
     **DiGiorno's Pizza - The Guy Game
     **Volkswagen Jetta - Good Sportz!
     **Eastlink Digital Cable - Dare to Compare (GEO)(RAD)
     **Florida/New England Payday & Auto Loans - Right on the Money
     **KFC - Generic gameshow
     **IBM - On Demand
     **truth - Find the Ingredient
     **Round Table Plzza - ??????????
     **GM Goodwrench - The Specialist
     **Immodium - What's On My Mind? (RAD)
     **Geico - Tiny House
     ** - ??????????
     **Orbitz - Take On Orbitz
     **Arby's - no name
     **Fruit of the Loom - Wheel of Fashion
     **Comcast - Cash Rhymes
     **Dr Pepper
     **Qwest Broadband - Jack my Price Up!
     **Heart & Stroke Foundation - Heart & Stroke Lottery
     **Comcast - You Might Think DirecTV Has More HD Than Comcast But You're Wrong
     **Cici's Pizza - Mind Off
     **Boston Pizza - Boston Pizza's Trip A Day
     **Group Health - The Clear Care Challenge
     **Wendy's -
Generic gameshow
     **Mucinex - Wheel Of Misery
     ** -- Credit Score Challenge

Computer/Console Games
     **You Don't Know Jack
          -- Foxtrot (CAR)(SPF)
               **Paige Don't Know Jack
          -- Win Ben Stein's Money (GAM)(SPF)(MEN)
               ** You Don't Know Wolfman, Jack
     **Radio Active
     **Combination Lock
     **Let's Make A Word
     **Pinball Fantasies - Billion Dollar Gameshow
     **Wacky Jacks
     **The D Show
     **Head Rush
     **Austin Powers: Operation Trivia - Win, Lose or Die
     **The Guy Game
     **Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego?
          -- Trashed (GAM)(SPF)
               ** Where in the Hell is Mayim Bialik?
          -- Idiot Savants(GAM)(SPF)
               ** Where in the world is Coolio?
     **TV Show King Party

     **Self-Efface Off!

The Cosby Show
     **If You're So Smart

Crank Yankers
     **The Phone Zone

Crook and Chase
     **Celebrity Puzzle
     **What's In The Box?

The Daily Show
     **Craig's 5 Questions

Days of Our Lives: One Stormy Evening (SPC)
     **Ask Dr. Love

DeathRow GameShow (MOV)
     **Live or Die

Degrassi: The Next Generation
     **Whack Your Brain

Dennis the Menace (CAR)

Dexter's Laboratory (CAR)
     **no name, generic quiz show

Diagnosis Murder
     **Through the Roof

The Dick Van Dyke Show
     **Pay As You Go

     **Family Challenge

Double Exposure
     **Who's My Hair?

Drew Carey's Green Screen Show
     **You Bet your Pants

Duck Dodgers (CAR)
    **Van Chancy's Not A Chance

The Electric Company
     **Wild Guess!

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask (MOV)
     **What's Your Perversion?

Family Matters
     **What Do You Know?

The Far Side (CAR)
     **Trivia Tonight

The Flip Wilson Show
     **Buzz Off

For Love or Money (MOV)
     **For Love or Money

The Frantics (LAF)(RAD)
     **It's Time To Play A New Gameshow
     **Make Me Laugh Gameshow
     **The Whole Earth Gameshow
     **Act Your Age Gameshow
     **The Geneva Talks Gameshow
     **Stitches Gameshow
     **Name That Prune Gameshow
     **Satan's Choice Gameshow
     **Gross Me Out Gameshow
     **Dare To Dream Gameshow
     **Talk With Your Mother Gameshow
     **Get Cut-Off in Mid-Sentence Gameshow
     **It's My Life Gameshow
     **Win The Money Gameshow
     **Spanish Inquizition Gameshow

Freddie's Nightmares
     **Beat The House

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
     **Brainstorm (V/O)

Friday Night Videos
     **Second Chance


Futureworld (MOV)
     **The Big Bundle

Garfield & Friends (CAR)
     **Name That Fish
     **Hit the Buzzer, Win a Cookie
     **Mystery Guest

Gemini Awards
     **Gemini 20th Anniversary Quiz

George Carlin (LAF)
     **Place For My Stuff - Asshole, Jackoff, Scumbag
     **Classic Gold (MEN) - Jail Game
     **Classic Gold (MEN) - Sue Your Neighbor
     **Classic Gold (MEN) - no name, just rule description

Get Fuzzy (CAR)
     **Ding-A-Ling! I Knows It!

Get Set For Life
     **What's That Sound?

The Golden Girls
     **Grab That Dough

     **Raw Deal

Groucho Marx (LAF)
     **Doctor People Are Double and Take It Truth or Ignorance It Pays To Be Information
          -Performed for the Armed Forces Radio Service

Harry & His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs (CAR)
     **Know Your Dinosaurs

Hill Street Blues
     **Lucky Ducks

Hollywood Off Ramp
     **The Ultimate Question

Home Improvement
     **Binford Tool Bowl
     **Stump The Toolman
     **Name That Wood

The Hour
     **Street Knowledge

The Howard Stern Show
     **Guess Who's the Jew

How I Met Your Mother
     **Million Dollar Heads or Tails

     **Name thy Cure
     **Pop Quiz
     **Indian Givers

I Love Mummy
     **Face It You're Wrong

In Living Color
     **Dirty Dozens
     **Do You Feel Lucky?

It's Your Move
     **Dad & I

The Jamie Kennedy Experience

The Jeffersons
     **Wheel of Forever

Jeffrey (MOV)
     **It's Only Sex

The Jetsons (CAR)

Johnny Bravo (CAR)
     **Stump the Stump
     **Find the Fort

Jonathan Creek (FOR)
     **Guilty Secrets

     **Supreme Showdown

Kids in the Hall

Kwik Witz
     **Sexual Harassment or Not

The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn
     **5 Questions

Late Night with Conan O'Brien
     **Wife or Model?
     **Beers to You
     **Who Stepped on Money?
     **Party or Military Coup?

Late Night/Show with David Letterman
     **How Old is the Eggnog?
     **Questions & Cash

Later Today
     **Cent$ of $tyle

The Life and Times of Juniper Lee
     **Let's Save Humanity

Lizzie McGuire
     **El Oro de Montezuma

     **First To A Million
     **Trick Question
     **Gimme a Clue
     **Hurl an Insult at Meg Ryan
     **Rattle Meg Ryan's Cage
     **The Lillian Verner Game Show
     **Celebrity Quarters
     **Grand Theft Auto
     **The Once In A Lifetime Big Opportunity
     **One And A Million

Married..with Children
     **How do I Love Thee?
     **Touchdown Trivia

The Man Show
     **That's My Boy
     **Camel Toe Match-Up

The Mary Tyler Moore Show
     **The $50,000 Steeplechase

Masked Rider
     **Know Your Neighbor

Matilda (MOV)
     **The Million Dollar Sticky

     **Beat The Devil

Melvin & Howard
     **Easy Street

Miami Vice
     **Rat Race

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (CAR)
     **Trick or Treat

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
     **The Reading Game

     **Treasure Chest

Monty Python (LAF)(FOR)
     **Guess The Braincell
     **Stake Your Claim
     **The World Forum Trivia Game
     **Look Out Behind You

Moose TV
     **Well, What Do You Know??

Mr Belvedere
     **Brain Busters

Mr Men (CAR)
     **I Spy With My Little Eye

The Munsters Today
     **The Reel Munsters

Murphy Brown
     **Celebrity Face Off 2000 (MEN)

Musical Notes
     **Quizz Kid by Jethro Tull
     **Hero of the Day by Metallica
     **One Hit Wonder by Everclear
     **My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style by the Dreamwarriors
     **Gagner by Les Marmottes Aplaties
     **Pressure by Billy Joel

National Lampoon
     **Pig-In-A-Poke - National Lampoon's European Vacation (MOV)
     **Catch It and You Keep It - National Lampoon's Radio Dinner
     **What's On Your Mind? - National Lampoon's Radio Dinner
     **Land A Million - National Lampoon's Radio Dinner
     **Three Tests of Valor - National Lampoon's Last Resort (MOV)

     **No name. Just spoofed any generic quiz show

Night Court
     **What am I?

Nightly Business Report
     **Ready for Retirement Quiz

Nintendo/Sega/etc Games
     **Smash T.V. -- Nintendo
     **3rd Degree -- 3DO
     **Twisted -- 3DO
     **Buzz! The Mega Quiz -- PS2
     **Buzz! Junior Jungle Party -- PS2

One World
     **Blow Your Mind

On the Television
     **Answer or Die

Our House
     **Dual Duel

Out Of This World
     **Stump Your Neighbor

Out to Lunch
     **Give it Back

The Paul Lynde Show
     **Beat The Buzzer

Peer Pressure (GAM)
     **Game Show Fast Track (MEN)

Phil Hartman's Flat TV (LAF)
     **$500,000 Read Off

Phineas and Ferb
     **Let's Take a Quiz

Pinball Machines
     **Bally's Game Show

PSI Factor
     **It's Now Time

Pulp Comics: Jim Breuer (LAF)
     **High Roller

The Raccoons (CAR)
     **The Question of Your Life

Raw Toonage (CAR)
     **You Think You Know Everything Don't You?

The Real Ghostbusters (CAR)
     **Race the Devil

Remote Control (GAM)
     **Beat the Bishop (MEN)

     **Brain Basher

Robot Chicken
     **Who Poop Last?

Rocko's Modern Life (CAR)
     **Triple 6
     **Win A Kitchen

The Rosie O'Donnell Show
     **Help me Rosie
     **Mary Tyler War
     **You Bette Your Life
     **I Love Lucy More
     **Happy Days Happening
     **Backstreet Blitz

Royal Canadian Air Farce (LAF)
     **Man Bash
     **Where's My Pogie?
     **Hello Clyde
     **All Canadian News Quiz
     **Who will be the next Prime Minister?
     **1998 Brain of Canada

RugRats (CAR)
     **Getting In Trouble

That 70s Show
     **Get Into That Box

The Running Man (MOV)
     **The Running Man
     **Climbing for Dollars (COM in the MOV)

The Running Man (BOK)
     **Treadmill to Bucks (MEN)
     **How Hot Can You Take It (MEN)
     **Swim the Crocodiles (MEN)
     **Run for Your Guns (MEN)
     **Dig Your Grave (MEN)

Saturday Night (Live)
     **Quien Es Mas Macho?
     **Date Rape
     **Jew, Not a Jew
     **How do you get there?
     **You Can't Win
     **The Question is Moot
     **You Win A Dollar
     **The Blame Game
     **Frank Bout's What's That Smell
     **Who's Dumber?
     **Game Beaters
     **Comdey Killers
     **Sucker Showcase
     **Food, Sex, or Cars?!
     **Wedgie Fever
     **Sucker Punch
     **Old French Whore!
     **Who's More Grizzled?!
     **Name that Dog
     **Game Challengers
     **Geek, Dweeb or Spazz?
     **Clara Turley's Bible Challenge
     **Kennedy Kapers
     **Who Farted?
     **Brain Busters
     **Do You Know Who My Father Is?
     **Dry Eyes
     **Am I A Crazy Street Person?
     **What's That Bitch Talking About?
     **What's Your Situation?

     **Half Wits
     **Night School Hi-Q
     **Half Wits Tournament of Champions
     **What's My Shoe Size Game Show
     **Stretch Your Arm
     **Falcons & Oysters

Scooby Doo
     **Johnny  Sands Dance Game Show

Sesame Street/Park
     **The How Many Game
     **What's Prairie's Problem?
     **Ask Me Anything

Seven Little Monsters (CAR)
     **Who Knows What We're Talking About

The Simpsons (CAR)(MAG)
     **Happy Smile Super Challenge Family Wish Show
     **Anything for Dollars
     **Escape From Emperor Burnsimoto's Castle

Simon & Simon
     **Family Forecast

Skinnamarink TV

Slap Shot (MOV)
     **Un-named. Shot of woman winning trip to Hawaii

Sledge Hammer!
     **The Million Dollar Question

     **The Game

South Park (CAR)
     **What the Hell is That?
     **Game Show

Special Bulletin (MOV)(MEN)
     **4 Square

Spitting Image (FOR)
     **Knock Your Odd Block Mr Family Price Lines-2-1

Square One TV
     **But Who's Counting?
     **But Who's Adding?
     **But Who's Multiplying?
     **Close Call
     **Square One Squares
     **Square One Challenge
     **Triple Play
     **Round It Off!
     **The $500,000 Trapezoid

Stay Tuned (MOV)
     **You Can't Win

Stepford Wives (MOV)(2004)
     **Balance of Power
     **I Can Do Better

Student Bodies
     **He vs. She

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
     **Science, Schmience

The Suite Life with Zack and Cody
     **Risk It All

Sunset Beach
     **no title given.  Was featured in Annie's dream.

Supertown Challenge
     **Supertown Challenge

Switching Channels (MOV)
     **You Can't Win

     **Tall Texas Tales

Tiny Toon Adventures (CAR)
     **Win, Lose or Kerplowie
     **It's Incredibly Stupid

That's Entertoonment (CAR)
     **Ratings Gimmick Round
     **Alter-Your-Content Sudden Death

The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson
     **Funeral Game

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
     **Battle of The Jay Walk All-Stars

Ultimate Revenge
     **Eat My Car
     **The Big Ki$$$

Unhappily Ever After
     **Smart & Stupid

     **Wheel of Fish
     **Strip Solitaire
     **Name That Stain(MEN)

Vh1's Ill-Ustrated (CAR)
     **Celebrity Keno

Viva Variety
     **Are They French or Gay?
     **Klingon or Galliano
     **Dunking for Dollars
     **Dicks with Chicks
     **Plant or Animal

The Wacky World of Tex Avery (CAR)
     **Mega Moolah for Millionaires

The War At Home
     **That's Too Crazy
The Wayans Bros.
     **Family Battle

Wayne & Shuster (LAF)
     **When Will It Happen?

     **Don't Jump!

Whatever Turns You On
     **Make A Million Show

Whose Line Is It Anyway?
     **Ouch, Stop Pinching My Butt! (MEN)

Word Girl
     **Crash or Pie

The World's Funniest Hypnotist (SPC)
     **Lucky Numbers

The X Show
     **Guess My Country
     **Guess My Surgery

You Can't Do That On Television
     **Money for Marks
     **Dunking for Dollars
     **What Time Is It?