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*Game Shows in Other Media FAQ

Weakest Link
     -- Late Show with David Letterman
     -- Saturday Night Live (SPF)
     -- The Rosie O'Donnell Show (SPF)
          **The Bleakest Link
     -- MADTv (SPF)
          **The Missing Link
     -- E!'s Talk Soup (SPF)
          **The Missing Link
     -- The O'Reilly Factor
     -- Bizarro (CAR)
     -- Scary Movie 2 (MOV)(MEN)
     -- English Premiere League on Fox Sports Net (MEN)
     -- The Last Word with Jim Rome (MEN)
     -- The Duplex (CAR)(MEN)
     -- Royal Canadian Air FArce (SPF)(LAF)
          **Canada's Weakest Link
     -- Three Sisters (MEN)
     -- Rendez-View (MEN)
     -- This Hour Has 22 Minutes (BOR)
     -- That's Entertoonment! (CAR)(SPF)
          **Weakest Fink
     -- Providence
     -- Alley Oop (CAR)(MEN)
     -- Celebrity Deathmatch (MEN)
     -- Howard Stern (RAD)(SPF)
          **The Weakest Dink
     -- Madea's Family Reunion (MOV)(MEN)
     -- Win Ben Stein's Money (GAM)(SPF)(MEN)
          **Weakstein Link
     -- The Other Half (SPF)
          **The Other Weakest Link
     -- Late Night with Conan O'Brien (MEN)
     -- American Morning on CNN
     -- Frank Sinner (FOR)(SPF)
     -- 2d:TV (FOR)(SPF)
     -- Popular Hot Rodding Television (SPF)
     -- Primetime Monday
     -- Children In Need (FOR)(SPC)(SPF)
          **Dead Ringers Doctor Who Weakest Link
     -- Monster House (MEN)
     -- Wimbledon 2004
     -- Dcotor Who
     -- History Bites (SPF)
What's My Line?
     -- SCTV (SPF)
          **Masquerade Funeral
     -- Batman (SPF)
          **What's My Crime?
     -- The Price is Right (GAM)(SPF)
          **What's My Prize?
          **What's My Lane?
          **What's My Time?
     -- Kentucky Fried Movie (MOV)(MEN)
     -- Furniture on the Mend (MEN)
     -- Sesame Street (SPF)
          **What's My Part?
          **Mystery Guest
          **What's My Job?
     -- Milton Berle Show (SPF)
          **What's My Racket
     -- 101 Dalmations (BOK)(MOV)(CAR)(SPF)
          **What's My Crime?
     -- Richie Rich (CAR)(SPF)
          **Name That Person
     -- Square One TV (SPF)
         **What's My Number
     -- Saturday Night Live (SPF)
          **What's My Addiction?
     -- I Virtuosi di Hoople with Professor Steve Schickele (SPF)(V/O)
          **What's My Melodic Line?
     -- All That (SPF)
          **What do you Do?
     -- Late Show with David Letterman (SPF)
          **Chair of Mystery
          **Late Show Celebrity X-ray Challenge
     -- The Flintstones (CAR)(SPF)
     -- Animaniacs (CAR)(SPF)
          **What's My Life?
     -- Almost Live! (GEO)(SPF)
          **What's My Job?
     -- The After Math Crew (GEO)(SPF)
          **What's My Zero!
     -- Isn't She Great (SPF)(MOV)
          **What's My Job?
     -- The Parkers (SPF)

          **Family Dirt

Wheel of Fortune
     -- 227
     -- The A-Team
     -- Riptide
     -- LA Law
     -- Gimme a Break
     -- Sesame Street (SPF)
          **Squeal of Fortune
     -- Animaniacs (SPF)(CAR)
          **Wheel of Morality
          **Wheel of Misfortune (MEN)
     -- Captain America (MOV)
     -- It's Garry Shandling's Show
     -- Bill Nye the Science Guy (SPF)
          **Wheel of Energy
     -- Beakman's World (SPF)
          **Wheel of Collisions
     -- Royal Canadian Air Farce (LAF)(SPF)
          **Iraqi Wheel of Fortune
          **Wheel of Patronage
     -- The UN-Friendly Giant (LAF)(SPF)
          **Poultry of Fortune
     -- Santa Barbara
     -- In Living Color (SPF)
          **Wheel of Dozens
     -- Rainman (MOV)
     -- Breakfast Television (SPF)(GEO)
     -- Late Show with David Letterman
     -- Toonstruck (CGM)(MEN)
     -- Hollywood Squares (GAM)(MEN)
          **Wheel of Four Tunes
     -- Cartoon Network IDs
     -- We Didn't Start the Fire (MUS)(MEN)
          **By Billy Joel
     -- MAD (MAG)(CAR)(SPF)
          **We'll Make A Fortune
     -- The Simpsons (CAR)(V/O)(SPF)
     -- Hallmark Greeting Card
     -- Cracked (MAG)(CAR)
          **Squeal of Fortune
     -- The Pretender (MOV)
     -- T-Shirt
          **Said "D_CK -- I'd like to buy a vowel Pat"
     -- Ransom (MOV)
     -- Friends (V/O)
     -- The Tonight Show starring Jay Leno (SPF)
          **Dirty Wheel of Fortune
     -- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (CAR)(SPF)
          **Cube of Misfortune
     -- Love Child (MOV)
     -- Home for the Holidays (MOV)
     -- The Rosie O'Donnell Show (SPF)(MEN)
          **Wheel of Rosie-Vision
     -- Fox After Breakfast
          **The Wheel/Spin to Win
     -- Simpsons Illustrated (CAR)(MAG)(MEN)
          **Spring 1991 issue
     -- Full House
     -- Vanna, Pick Me A Letter (MUS)
          **by Doctor Dave (Dr. Demento show)
     -- Win Wheel (CGM)
     -- Bravo/Novus Bank Card (COM)
     -- Late Night with David Letterman
     -- On The Television (SPF)
          **Wheel of Misfortune
     -- Street Cents (SPF)
     -- Doug (CAR)(SPF)
          **Wheel of Snacks
     -- Alexei Sayle's Stuff (FOR)(SPF)
          **Up the Chimney bonus round
     -- The Duplex (CAR)
     -- Remote Control (GAM)(SPF)(MEN)
          **Wheel of Torture
     -- Donny&Marie (MEN)
     -- Rogers Communication (COM)
     -- The Price is Right (SPF)(MEN)(GAM)
          **Keel of Fortune
     -- The PJs (CAR)
     -- Biography
          **Merv Griffin
          **Vanna White
     -- The Family Guy (CAR)(MEN)
     -- The Tom Green Show (SPF)
          **The Wheel of Misfortune
     -- Spin City (MEN)
     -- Close to Home (CAR)
     -- The Chimp Channel (SPF)
     -- Erin Brockovich (MOV)
     -- Whose Line Is It Anyway? (GAM)(MEN)
     -- Blind Date (SPF)
          **Wheel of Misfortune
     -- The Man Show (SPF)
          **Wheel of Destiny
     -- Just Shoot Me
     -- Sports Geinuses (GAM)(SPF)(MEN)
          **Wheels of Fortune
     -- Arachnaphobia (MOV)
     -- The King of Queens
     -- That's Entertoonment! (CAR)(SPF)
          **Wheel of Time-Slot Misfortune
     -- John Darling (CAR)
     -- Big Brother 2 (GAM)(MEN)(SPF)
          **Wheel of First Impressions
     -- In Living Color (SPF)
          **Wheel of Jokes
     -- WTVA-TV (GEO)(MEN)
          **Nine Alive's Wheel of Fortune
     -- MADtv
          **featured celebrity couples
     -- Drowning Mona (MOV)(BOR)
     -- The Craft (MOV)
     -- What Makes A Family? (MOV)
     -- K100 (RAD)(GEO)
     -- Sunset Beach (SPF)
          **Wheel of Misfortune
     -- Jeopardy! (GAM)(MEN)
          **Wheel of Jeopardy
     -- m&m's (COM)(MEN)
     -- The 30th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards
     -- Sony Ericsson cell phone (COM)
     -- Identity (MOV)
     -- Back to the Future II (MOV)
     -- Family Guy (CAR)(SPF)
     -- I Love the 80s
     -- Dead Like Me (SPF)
     -- Anderson Cooper 360
     -- Tank McNamara (CAR)(SPF)
     -- Angel Baby (MOV)(FOR)
     -- On Air with Ryan Seacrest
     -- Clean Sweep (BOR)
     -- Government of Alberta West Nile Virus Awareness (COM)(SPF)
          **Wheel of Misfortune
     -- Late Night with Conan O'Brien
     -- 32nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards (SPC)
     -- Dick & Dom (SPF)(FOR)(MEN)
          **Wheel of Muck
     -- Scrooged (MOV)
     -- Saturday Night Live
     -- Man of the Year (MOV)
     -- Robot Chicken (CAR)
     -- St. Elsewhere
     -- Watchmen (MOV)
     -- Siskel & Ebert Holiday Video Gift Guide (1988)

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
     -- Saturday Night Live (SPF)
          **Where in the World is San Diego, California?
          **Where in the World is Baltimore, Maryland? (MEN)
     -- Win Ben Stein's Money (GAM)(SPF)(MEN)
          **Where in Chile is Carmen Santiago?
     -- Late Night with Conan O'Brien (MEN)
          **Where in the Building is Andy Richter?
     -- The Rick & Bubba Show (RAD)(SPF)(MEN)
          **Where in the World is Casio Kid
     -- WDAM-TV News 7 (GEO)(SPF)(MEN)
          **Where in the World is Steve Taylor?
     -- The Today Show (MEN)
          **Where in the World is Matt Lauer
     -- Almost Live! (GEO)(SPF)(MEN)
          **Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego's Green Card?

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?
     -- This Old House

Who Do You Trust?
     -- It's Only Talk: The Real Story of America's Talk Shows (SPC)

Whose Line Is It Anyway?
     -- Idiot Savants (GAM)(SPF)(MEN)
          **Whose Mom Is It Anyway?
     -- Win Ben Stein's Money (GAM)(SPF)(MEN)
          **Whose Vault Is It Anyway?
     -- MadTV (SPF)
          **Whose Idea Was This Anyway?
     -- The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborne (MEN)
     -- The Drew Carey Show (MEN)
     -- You Don't Know Jack (GAM)(SPF)(MEN)
          **Whose Lung is it Anyway?
     -- Pyramid (GAM)(SPF)(MEN)
          **Whose Lime Is It Anyway?

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
     -- The Rosie O'Donnell Show (SPF)
          **So You Want To Win A Frigidaire
          **Who Wants To Win A Comfy Chair
          **Who Wants To Win Some Camembert
          **Who Wants To Win Some Angel Hair
          **Who Wants To Win A Second Chance
          **Who Wants To Win A Mammogram
          **Who Wants To Be A Bullion-aire
          **Who's More Addicted to Millionaire
     -- Late Show with David Letterman (SPF)
          **Who Wants To Win A Giant Phony Check For A Million Dollars
     -- MADTv (SPF)
          **Who Wants To Be The President
     -- The Royal Canadian Air Farce (SPF)(LAF)
          **Who Wants To Be A Canadian Millionaire
     -- 2000: The Year of the Farce(SPF)(SPC)(LAF)
          **Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Canadian Edition
     -- Spin City
     -- Saturday Night Live (SPF)
          **Who Wants to Eat?
     -- Howard Stern (RAD)
          **Who Wants To Be A Turkish Millionaire
          **Who Wants To Be A Vaginal Millionaire
          **Who Wants To Be A Butt Millionaire
     -- Whose Line Is It Anyway? (GAM)(SPF)
          **The Millionaire Show
     -- The Onion (MAG)(SPF)
          **Who Wants To Eat A Meal
     -- YTVs "The Zone" (SPF)
          **Who Wants To Be A Pokemon Master
     -- ABC in Wausau, WI (GEO)(COM)(SPF)
          **Who Wants To Be A Weatherman
     -- The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn (SPF)(MEN)
          **Who Wants To Rip Off Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
     -- ESPN: Sporscenter (SPF)(MEN)
          **Who Wants to be a Sportscenter Expert?
     -- KZOK (RAD)(GEO)(SPF)(MEN)
          **Who Wants to be a Dunce?
     -- Born Loser (CAR)(MEN)
     -- Mulligan's Indoor Golf & Sports (RAD)(GEO)(COM)(SPF)
          **Who Wants to Win A Million Hugs'n'Kisses
     -- LIVE! with Regis and Kathie Lee/Kelly (SPF)
          **Who Wants to Beat Mr. Millionaire
          **Who Wants To Be The Petite One
          **Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Host
     -- Mike Lukovich Comic (CAR)(SPF)
          **Who Wants to be a Senator?
          **Who Wants to Marry Bill Bradley?
     -- The Source (COM)(SPF)
          **Who Wants To Win A Gazillion Dollars
     -- ?????????? (SPF)
          **Who Wants To Be Wildly In Debt?!
     -- Staples (COM)(RAD)(SPF)(GEO)
     -- K8 News (GEO)(SPF)
          **Who Wants To Win Disinfectant Spray
     -- Pickles (CAR)(MEN)(SPF)
          **Who Wants To Be A Thousandaire
     -- Entertainment Tonight (SPF)(MEN)
     -- (COM)(SPF)
     -- KUBE (RAD)(SPF)(GEO)
          **Who Wants to be a Ghetto Phat Millionaire?
     -- Miss Amerca Pagent 2000 (SPF)
     -- WDIV (SPF)(MEN)
     -- YTV/Wal-Mart/Nintendo64:Pokemon Stadium (COM)(SPF)
          **Who Wants To Be A Pokemon Master Extraordinaire
     -- Win Ben Stein's Money (GAM)(SPF)(MEN)
          **Who Wants To Win Ben Stein's Money
          **Who Wants To Be A Brazil-ionaire
     -- RPM2Night (SPF)
     -- Northwest Afternoon (GEO)
     -- NBA Playoffs on TNT (SPF)
     -- Against The Grain (CAR)(SPF)
          **Who Wants To Eat A Millionaire
     -- Buddy's Carpet (GEO)(SPF)(COM)
     -- Canadian Association of Distillers (SPF)(COM)
     -- Lexington Toyota (MEN)(COM)
     -- The Martin Short Show (SPF)
     -- The Lyricist Lounge Show (SPF)
     -- (COM)(SPF)
     -- Celebrity Deathmatch (SPF)
     -- Sports Geinuses (GAM)(SPF)(MEN)
          **Who Wants to Beat Up a Billionaire?
     -- Who Wants To Beat Up A Millionaire (CGM)(SPF)
     -- Who Let The Dogs Out (MUS)(MEN)
          **Baha Men
     -- CapitalOne (COM)(SPF)(MEN)
          **Who Wants To Run Up A Million?
     -- The Rock 104 Mornin' Crew (RAD)(SPF)(GEO)
          **Who Wants To Win A Dollar?
     -- Rock 104's RockTrax with Doug Morris (RAD)(SPF)(GEO)
          **Who Wants To Be A NASCAR Champion?
     -- Shoebox Greeting Card (SPF)
          **Who Wants To Win A Million Hares
     -- 'Big Johnson' TShirt (SPF)
          **Who Wants To Have A Big Johnson
     -- GameZcape (MEN)
     --Vern Fonk Insurance (COM)(SPF)(GEO)
          **Who Wants to be a Vernonaire?
     -- The Simpsons (CAR)(SPF)
          **Me Wantee!
     -- Baseball Tonight (MEN)
     -- Behind Closed Doors with Joan Lunden
     -- Oldies 1150 (RAD)(GEO)(SPF)
          **Who Wants To Win Ten Bucks
     -- Funky Winkerbean (CAR)
     -- One Big Happy (CAR)
     --Social Security (COM)(SPF)
          **Social Security Quiz
     -- Big Wolf on Campus (MEN)
     -- Celebrity Deathmatch (SPF)
          **Who Wants to be a Dead Game Show Host?
     -- Forrest General Hospital (COM)(GEO)(SPF)
     -- FOX NFL Sunday (SPF)
     -- Moneytree (COM)(SPF)(GEO)
     -- Blondie (CAR)(MEN)
     -- (COM)
     -- You Gotta See This! (MEN)
     -- TNNs Fame for 15
     -- The Best Damn Sports Show Period (SPF)(MEN)
          **Who Wants to Sign a One Million Dollar Veterans Minimum Contract?
          **Who Wants to Date a Pro Cheerleader?
     -- The 2000 Brit Awards (FOR)(MEN)
     -- True Life: I'm a Millionaire Contestant
     -- NBTel Mobility (COM)(GEO)
     -- About A Boy (MOV)
     -- History Bites (SPF)
          **Who Wants To Be A Boyr
          **Who Wants To Be A Patrician
     -- (SPF)
          **Who Wants to Sponsor Koopa Aire?
     -- This Morning (FOR)(SPF)
          **Who Wants to Be A Foreign Millionaire?
     -- The Sopranos
     -- SM:TV (FOR)(SPF)
     -- 2D:TV (FOR)(SPF)
     -- The Big Breakfast (FOR)
          **Who Wants to Win a Mini On Air?
          **Who Wants To Sing Walking In The Air?
     -- The Adam and Joe Show (FOR)
          **Who Wants To Die On Air?
     -- The Proud Family (CAR)(MEN)
     -- All New Toons (SPF)(CAR)
          **Who Wants To Be A Martian-aire
     -- London Drugs (COM)
     -- The 30th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards
     -- NASCAR on FX (SPF)
          **Who Will Win A Million $ Tonight?
     -- The Red Green Show (MEN)
          **Who Wants To Be a Smart Guy
     -- Late Night with Conan O'Brien (SPF)
          **Who Wants to be a Landlord in America?
     -- Drabble: Who Wants To Be A Fenderhead? (BOK)(CAR)
     -- The Lion King 1 1/2 DVD (SPF)
          **Who Wants to be King of the Jungle?
     -- Anderson Cooper 360o
     -- Marshall Field's
     -- 101 Reasons the 90's Ruled
     -- Life & Times: Pamela Wallin
     -- I Love the 90's
     -- The Game Show Couple (MOV)(GEO)(MEN)
     -- Western Canada Lottery Corporation 'Special 7' Ticket (SPF)(COM)
     -- Millions (MOV)
     -- So You Wanna Win $5
     -- Slumdog Millionaire (MOV)
     -- Boston Legal
     -- AT&T (COM)(MEN)
     -- The IT Crowd (FOR)(MEN)
     -- Let's Make A Deal (MEN)
          **Who Wants To Answer Multiple Choice Questions For Cash And Prizes?
     -- 97.5 KMOD (RAD)(GEO)(SPF)
          **Who Wants To Whup A Millionaire?

Win Ben Stein's Money
     -- Win Ben Stein's Money (GAM)(SPF)(MEN)
          **Win Ben Stein's Cheese
          **Win Zen Stein's Ultimate Insights
          **Win Ben-Hur's Money
          **Win Ben Stein's Pants
          **Win Ben Stein's Monkey
          **Win Berstein's Money
          **Win Feinstein's Money
          **Lose Ben Stein's Money
          **Win Beer Stein's Money
          **They Wanted Twin Ben's Money But All They Got Was A Siamese-ly Hundred Bucks
          **Guys that used to host Win Ben Stein's Allowance
          **Win Enzymes Money
     -- Loveline (MEN)
     -- The Rosie O'Donnell Show (MEN)(SPF)
          **Win Rosie's Toys
     -- Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MEN)
     -- Charmed
     -- Fox and Friends (SPF)(MEN)
          **Win Ben Stein's Thermometer
     -- ESPN Sportscenter (SPF)(MEN)
          **Win Blake Stein's Money
     -- Biography: Ben Stein's Brain
     -- Rendez-View (MEN)
     -- The Howard Stern Show (RAD)(SPF)
          **Win Bernie's Money
     -- Royal Canadian Air Farce (SPF)
          **Win Paul Martin's Money
     -- Enemy of the State (MOV)
     -- My First Mister (MOV)
     -- Pyramid (GAM)(SPF)(MEN)
          **Win Ben Stein's Monkey
     -- I Love the 90's Part Deux
     -- Boston Legal

Win, Lose or Draw
     -- In Living color (SPF)
          **Prision Network version
     -- Saturday Night Live (SPF)
          **Win Lose or Tie
     -- It's Garry Shandling's Show
     -- Don't Tell Mom The Babysiter's Dead (MOV)
     -- Win Ben Stein's Money (GAM)(SPF)(MEN)
          **Alec Baldwin, Lose or Draw
     -- The Rosie O'Donnell Show (SPF)
          **It's A Draw
     -- Don't Just Sit There
     -- I Love the 80s
     -- Dick and Dom (SPF)(FOR)
          **Muck Muck Or Draw

Wizard Of Odds
     -- Life and Times: Alex Trebek
     -- Canada's Walk of Fame (SPC)